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AIRFLOW: a film screening by Jennifer Lauren Smith

This year, Pikes Falls Visual Artist-in-Residence, Jennifer Lauren Smith, will present AIRFLOWWW,  a film screening featuring time-based works created over the past 8 years. Focusing on the intersection of natural and fabricated auditory experience, Smith stages visual manifestations of sound. Whether documented on video or performed amidst a live audience, her work explores the physicality of the process of listening, and our ability to supply and invent sound information to fill in visual milieu. 

1.) Toyota Carova Equus Ocracoke, standard definition video with live narration, 2010/13. (13 min)

2.) Woodwind and Kite, high-definition video with live musical accompaniment, 2010. (5 min)

3.) February, high-definition video, 2011. (9 min)

4.) Present Day, high-definition video, 2012. (5 min)

5.) 300 Features and 40 Shorts, high-definition video, 2014. (12 min)

6.) Follower, high-definition video, 2016. (15 min)

This is the third iteration of the AIRFLOW film series, originally conceived as a visual accompaniment to the Pikes Falls Chamber Music Festival. Past participants have included Heidi Schwegler, Alison O’Daniel, Jenny Vogel, and Carlos Vela-Prado. The screening will be followed by a Q & A and reception.

Location: The Latchis Theater, Brattleboro, VT

There will be a reception at Hermit Thrush Brewery following the screening from 6-8pm. 

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Artist Talk


Joshua Davis will present a virtual tour of the residency location and will give a history of the house and Jerry Goldman, the artist who built the house. Artists-In-Residence, Andrew Brehm and Jennifer Lauren Smith, will present a slideshow of their artwork that includes projects done at the Pikes Falls Visual Art Residency.

Location: Town Hall, Jamaica, VT

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