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Calum Craik is a visual artist based in San Francisco. He works in video, sculpture, and installation. His sculptures, assembled using found materials with personal and sociopolitical significance, often take on a poetic and absurd sensibility. The work entices viewers to make connections between the materials and their emotional weight for both the viewer and the artist.

Currently, Calum is an MFA candidate at San Francisco State University. He received a BA at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, which includes venues such as The Royal Standard in Liverpool, Nurture Art in Brooklyn, and Artists Television Access in San Francisco. He has been interviewed by Art Crush magazine and recently received The Christine Tamblyn award and the Leo D. Stillwell Jr. scholarship.

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Beril Or is a visual artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She creates installations that include sculpture, video, and sound among other mediums. Currently, her works conceptualize around the idea of sleep. Informed by political upheaval in her home country, Turkey, she creates immersive spaces that allow viewers an escape from political environments around the world.

In 2008, she received a BFA from Hacettepe University Sculpture Department in Ankara, Turkey, where she also took graduate painting classes. Currently, she is an MFA candidate at San Francisco State University. She recently received the Steve Wilson award.