photo credit Bami Adedoyin

photo credit Bami Adedoyin

 Jennifer Lauren Smith is a visual artist working in sculpture, photography, and digital filmmaking. She frequently bases her projects on experiences of place: how a landscape and one’s bodily experience within it generate raw material, and how that raw material can be transferred to craft an art experience. Her work ranges from performance works staged in non-gallery contexts, observational short films with and without narrative, photographic print editions and books, to sculptural objects created in bronze, wood, or paper.

She presents her work in a variety of formats, each occupying comparable importance as venue: gallery exhibitions, film festivals, off-site installations, public speaking engagements and curatorial projects. Previous appearance include group shows at Emerson Dorsch Gallery (Miami, FL), Pierogi Boiler (Brooklyn, NY), and Reynolds Gallery (Richmond, VA). She her films have been included in programming at the Finger Lakes Film Festival (Ithaca, NY), Façade Film Festival (Plovdiv, Bulgaria), The Schneider Art Museum (Ashland, OR), Ringling Museum,Sarasota, FL) and Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten, (Marl, Germany).

In 2015, Smith founded P / H / A / O / N, a presentation space for time-based art in Sunset Park, Brooklyn where she is currently based. She received her BA from Reed College in Portland, OR and her MFA in Sculpture + Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA and has participated in numerous residencies in the US and Europe. Currently, she teaches sculpture at The Spence School in Manhattan.

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Andrew Brehm is an artist and educator whose work is primarily three dimensional and video based. His installations are often interactive, manipulating viewers to become performers in the work. His sculpture is scaled to the body, facilitating an easy relationship between audience and the kinetic or performative qualities of the work. Andrew works in many mediums and most recently has focused on pulping paper for use as a casting and sculpting medium. The soft, nebulous qualities lends itself easily to absurdist and often humorous storytelling present in the work.

Andrew was born in Pennsylvania where he initially studied furniture making and later received his MFA in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University.  He currently manages the fine art workshops at Columbia University and has a sculpture studio in Brooklyn.